How To Stay On Beat While Rapping

You need to learn how to stay on the beat when rapping if you want your raps to sound decent to listeners. Also, you need to know what it takes to come up with clever raps, so they’re worth the listeners’ time. Before you start to rap regularly, or even if you’re not new to this, you can learn a lot about getting into rapping properly. These tips will make it easy for you to go from an average rapper to one that many people are likely to be interested in listening to.


Rap Speed

When it comes to staying on beat, you need to think about your rap speed. If you’re faster at rapping, then you can fit more words in a bar and still have it be on beat. If you’re going to rap slower, you need to write fewer words to rap, so you don’t have to go offbeat to fit everything into the song you are working on. Some rappers are versatile and mix fast and slow styles. Either way, you need to stay on beat by altering how many words you fit into each bar.

Keeping it Simple

Don’t rap over beats that are too complicated for your style. If a beat is really fast, for instance, and you’re not good at rapping fast, then you’re going to stumble over your words as you try to stay on beat. There are tons of beats out there that you can work with, even free ones that are easy to practice as you start to get into training yourself to be a better rapper. Work your way up to where you can have more complicated bars instead of trying to do difficult raps, to begin with.

Get Support

Know that your family and friends are generally proud of you for making music and will compliment it even if it’s not that good. This is why you need to put some of your music on the internet on a website that lets people listen to what you’ve made for free. You can then market your music page and try to get people to come and listen to music on it. When strangers give you advice and let you know what they don’t like, you can then work on raps that are more likely to appeal to people when you fix your songs’ issues.

Find your Style

Figure out what your style is when it comes to rapping over beats. For instance, if you’re rapping about darker topics, then you’re going to want to have beats that are a little dark overall. Don’t rap about serious topics over a fun beat, and don’t try to write party songs over beats in minor keys that sound depressing. You have to become good at picking out beats to rap because when you have a style, you have to stick with it, so people know what they’re getting when they listen to you.

Work Hard

Practice as much as you can on your rapping skills. You need to keep at it regularly, or you’re not going to do well at all as an artist. Many people think that if they can rap along with their favorite songs, they can rap and don’t need to practice. This is not a good attitude because you have to be willing to work on your raps regularly. It’s like anything else in life; you have to work at it a lot if you want to become better at rapping than your average person.


Don’t give up if people don’t respond well to your music at first. Keep working towards making music that does well, but doesn’t throw in the towel because you wrote one or two songs that don’t get a lot of attention quite yet. Know that there are tons of people out there that are rapping and trying to make it big, so you have a lot to compete with at a lower level. However, if you keep working at it, then eventually, you’ll rise above the beginners and enter into a place where you’re rapping for a larger audience.


When you’re trying to learn how to rap, make sure you practice out loud and not just in your head all the time. You want to stand in front of a mirror and rap to get an idea of what you look like as you are rapping. Try to have a clothing style that works with the lyrics you’re coming up with so you have a bit of character as a rapper. Know that a lot of what makes a musician successful is their image, not just that they are good at rapping.

Set Goals

Make goals for yourself, like making a song every week for a year straight for practice. You don’t have to release your practice songs, but if you write something that seems to be catchy and a good fit for your image, put it online, and see how it does. You’ll be surprised with what gets popular and how it’s always the last song you thought would do that well. People tend to like what is catchy, so don’t always go overboard trying to be too political or anything if that’s not part of your image overall.


Now you are aware of how to stay on the beat when rapping and more. Don’t just think that you can rap because you’re good at making songs sound like other popular music. You need to carve out your style if you want this to go well for you. Not just anyone can be a rapper; it’s just not that easy. If it were that easy, then there would be a lot more successful rappers out there. You need to be careful and build a solid foundation, so you are a musician that people respect in the long run.

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