How To Be A Better Rapper

Becoming a better rapper takes time, but you can work towards this goal if you know what to do to reach it. Before you try rapping and making a career out of it, you should do what it takes to rap as best as you can. Here are some tips that are going to help you learn how to rap better.

Singer on Mic

Set your Pitch

You will want to start by thinking of how your rap voice should sound. For instance, many people have their voice at a higher pitch than normal when they are rapping. Then, some use lower voices for their raps. Think about what you’re comfortable with so you can make your rap voice unique to you. Don’t try to copy the greats; start by making sure you have a style of your own that is unique but not so different that it stands out in a bad way.

Find A Rap Name

A stage name or more popularly known as Rap Name is as important as the Rap itself. Like all big rappers of all time such as Eminem, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Busta rhymes had their Rap name in place and this is what gave them a distinct identity than the rest, which is why you too should be working on your Rap Name or Stage Name. There are tonnes of resources available on the internet where you can find how to generate a Rap Name for yourself. If you don’t want to put hours into finding a Stage Name for yourself then you can use a rap name generator online and get amazing options to choose from.

Study your Craft

Rapping will not be something you can do better with if you just attempt to do it enough times. You have to study the craft to find out what makes good raps what they are. You’re going to need to look to the greatest raps out there to study them to find out what makes them great and popular even to this day. A lot of rappers are out there that you can get inspiration from, but be sure you don’t outright copy anyone because that won’t work in your favor in the long run.

Be Creative

When you want to rap, you’re going to need to learn how to develop creative rhymes. Don’t just use the same rhymes in every song, or your music will get boring fast. Many people make it without having creative raps, but that’s just because they got lucky and were in the right place at the right time with their music. Figure out how to rhyme better in your raps. For instance, you can rhyme more than just once in two bars, and that can add another layer to your songs. For instance, instead of just saying something like “the cat was cool, he went to school,” you could rhyme “the cat in the hat was cool / cause he stayed on top of that in school.” Don’t try to rhyme so much that it’s annoying to people, but you don’t have to just have one rhyme per every couple of bars. You can also do it the other way and have rhymes every other bar to shake things up.

Practice Rigorously

Rap along with songs that you hear on the internet or that you can find on albums that you really enjoy. When you practice rapping, make sure you pick out songs that are not super easy to follow along with. You want to find rappers that really lay down good bars that are not easy to replicate so you can start to see what makes what they do great. When following along, make sure you look up the actual lyrics so you don’t rap them wrongly due to not hearing what they are saying properly.

Work on your Vocabulary

To rap, it can help to find out what different words mean so you have more that you can use in your songs. This means that you’re going to actually want to check out a dictionary from time to time and a thesaurus so you can learn different words and their meanings. Once you know more words than before, you can add them to your raps to add an extra layer of creativity to it all. Many people think simplistic is the way to go, but that does get boring if you never learn anything new.

Do Mock Concert

Rapping is something you need to practice in a live setting regularly if you want to get better at it. At first, you probably won’t be ready to get on a stage and do your music that way, but you can do mock concerts in your home where you rap a few songs in a row over some beats just to get a feel for how to do them live. Once you’ve practiced enough, you should see if there are any places locally that do open mic nights so you can test out your material with an audience.

Showcase Your Music

Don’t think that you’re a great rapper because your family and friends like the music you’ve shared with them. They generally are going to always like what you made because it makes them happy to see you being creative. Instead, put your music on the internet and prepare for comments that may make you feel like the songs you make need some work. It’s good to get constructive criticism because that lets you know what you can change to make the song a better piece to people checking it out.


Now you’re aware of what it takes to learn how to rap better. Know what you need to do so you can take steps to create decent music. Never assume this is easy because it does take a lot of practice to get right.

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